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Sally Ibbotson

is a Qigong Teacher and Shiatsu Practitioner in Forres, Scotland.

Pop Up Qigong

The Government is now allowing non-contact exercise to go ahead.
I will be doing physically distanced Qigong outdoors in various locations around Forres, Rafford and Findhorn - please contact me by clicking here. for details!

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On-going On-line classes and courses

CLICK HERE for Fa Soon Gong class - 20 minutes of deeply relaxing Qigong. This replaces our Tuesday evening class for the time being!
CLICK HERE for an invigorating and Mindful class - the 18 movements of Taiji Qigong Shibashi 1 which we were exploring on Tuesday afternoons

Beginners are welcome!

A 6 session course is available on-line for you to learn the 18 movements of Taiji Qigong Shibashi 2 in your own time. Please contact me by clicking here. for the video links
Each 20 minute session explores 3 or 4 of the total 18 movements so that by session 6 you can do the whole form. Spend as long as you like on one session before going on to the next.

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Personal QIGONG

Sally specialises in designing personal daily practices which include
Mindful movement
Intentional visioning
Clearing blocks to progress

This unique service comprises

An hour long interview by Zoom
A personal practice video
3 coaching calls a month.

The price is £80

Please Click Here for more information.

Sally is a member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society, Register of Qigong Teachers, Tai Chi Union GB and of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Thank you for your skillful, sympathetic coaching. I feel so much more comfortable, easier, steady and settled.

"I have worked as a Qigong Teacher for over 20 years and my own journey to Health and Wellbeing has included a daily practice of Qigong. I am passionate about Natural and Complementary healthcare and see my work as supporting the body/minds innate ability to find individual healing solutions."

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What is Qigong?

Qigong is a form of moving meditation similar to Tai Chi and far easier to learn. It works on the premise that we can gather energy from the earth and environment by adopting a meditative attitude and moving in time-tested ways. CLICK HERE for an example.

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Qigong Classes

Sally currently teaches on-line and via Pop-up socially distanced Qigong outside!

Teaching Qigong is a delight! As it comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine, any condition can improve, given daily focused practice.

The BBC programme ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’ (Series 2; 19th October 2018) compared Tai Chi to Zumba, favourably, as a form of aerobic exercise by measuring flexibility of capillaries, chemical markers of inflammation and heart rate .

This is backed up by a paper published in the BMJ 24th March 2018 which compared Tai Chi to aerobic exercise. Similar physiological results were found and in addition, class attendance and adherence to home exercise was higher than in standard prescribed exercise (patients found Qigong/Tai Chi more enjoyable and less painful) and physiologically had similar or greater benefits. Tai Chi and Qigong are so similar that the research can be applied to both.

Examples of Conditions which are typically improved by Qigong are:

*Lower Back pain: In a 2005 study, 87% of Qigong practitioners reported less back pain.

*Stress-related issues, Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue.

*Joint Pain or Stiffness or post injury rehabilitation.

*Sleeping difficulty .

*Menstruation or pregnancy issues.

"I came to you for Qigong because work deadlines had become so stressful that my IBS was causing me to double up in pain. During the 7 weeks that I have been practicing daily qigong, my partner has noticed how much better I have negotiated those deadlines. I am no longer in pain, my neck and shoulders are more mobile and although I am tired, I am not so stressed. I will certainly make regular Qigong part of my life!" (Steve June 18)

"Hello from Canada, .
I have just discovered your you tube postings, and just wanted to say thank you. Your teaching is so clear and easy to follow. I have practiced Qigong for several years now and yoga for many, many, so the frame of reference for my accolades to you are well established.." (2018 you tube subscriber)

The Qi Gong Teachers Association UK is a good source of information about Qigong in general.

" ......wanted to say thank you. Your teaching is so clear and easy to follow.."

Qualifications and Insurance

Dip Shiatsu
Dip Body Massage
Dip Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Well Mother Certificate in Pregnancy Massage
Dip Teacher of Qigong
Member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

My practice is insured by Balens UK.

Find me on Google by searching 'Massage Therapy North West London'