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Wood element Qigong. Spring 19

This is a short Qigong form to nourish the element of Wood. It promotes clarity, new growth and new projects. Can assist with making decisions.
It's good for the eyes and for the Liver
Try it here.!
Let me design a personal Qigong form for you so you gain max benefit from your practice! Contact me.

Qigong in Thailand. March 2019

I am taking a Sabbatical in Thailand.
I have been teaching qigong in a lovely setting and also studying with a Zen monk.
Whilst here I have completed a form based on the supportive cycle of the five elements.
Please find the video here.

Demonstrations. woman

Spring 19

Sky and Earth Qi Gong is a classic Qigong form to start this year!

February 19

Tai Chi Walking ( Eight Movements for Health) slow mindful walking set.

June 2019

Qigong for the Eyes

A short Qigong form to benefit the Eyes. For the video Click Here.

Qigong for shock and grief recovery

Click here for an example of Qigong for shock and grief. When we suffer a loss, we needmto 'close shop'for a while. Here is a gentle form to support the step back into life.

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