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Weekly Qigong Classes Online

Online 40 minute Qigong for Wellness sessions

These sessions last for 40 minutes and are suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners.

9.30 Monday Seasonal Qi Gong with Esther Mason and and Sally Ibbotson

A session related to the season!
The Qigong will be in line with the Qi which is present at this time of year so that we can do the best for our body and mind.

9.30 Tuesday The 18 moves of Shibashi Two

As is the case with all Qigong, this form is very adaptable, however, once learnt, it is slightly more demanding than Qigong Shibashi One - particularly good for strength and circulation in the lower body and for heart health.

9.30 Wednesday The Eight Brocades Qigong and Do-In

A general all round form which can be adapted in many ways to suit the mood of the group or to bring our practice in line with the times!

Please CONTACT ME. for more information and to book.

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Day Courses based around the 5 elements

Regular Seasonal Self Care days

We use the Oriental Medical Day clock to explore what is best for us at various times of the day.
These Online days are offered on a regular basis and you can see the meeting times, dates and themes 09

You can also benefit from our book 4 and get a 5th day free!

The next day is:

Moving towards Fire Retreat 27th May 2023

"I have an insight into the small details of my day which brings me energy and frees up my time. For example, if I sign up for courses in the afternoon, I never attend!! I realise this is Water element time - a time when I need to step back - not reach forwards. Energetically, I feel better informed about myself"

"For me the metaphor for the Yin Fire time of the evening is the best meal I could cook myself - what are the best ingrediants and how do I cook them together. Could be a film, chat with family..whatever it is I need to receive, not have to effort outwards"

What Fires us up, lights our passion and fills us with joy?!
Use supportive Qigong, rest and group sharing to explore and generally nuture yourself.
We will gently reflect in a supportive environment and enjoy group and solo practices to shift into Summer and the element of Fire.
How is Fire in your life?

Price £40
All the days include:

4 sessions of online internal and external Qigong
Journalling and Meditaiton
Insight into Oriental Medicine and how we can use it in daily life

Optional extras:
a nuanced walk
nudges to take some moments of stillness
a seasonal recipe

What past participants said

"Since I have been attending these retreat days, I have felt more integrated with my surroundings and I want to build on that - thats what drew me here today"

"With an awareness of the dayclock and the investigation into what is right for me at different times, I seem to have got it right! 7 to 11 is when I work and when I pause to ask is this what brings me satisfaction? My answer is Yes!"

"It was like a holiday!"

Please CONTACT ME. for more information and to book.

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Longer Programmes

Qigong: A Space for Life

Immerse yourself in a week long Qigong programme.
Held at the Findhorn Foundation in North East Scotland.

Who is this programme for
If you are looking for a way to be more centred, grounded, connected to and resourced by life and free-er in your movements then this course could be for you.

This course is open to all from complete beginners to experienced practitioners who want to explore Qigong.

What you will learn
At the end of this course you will be well informed about the movements of Qigong and the theory behind them.
You will be able to self-diagnose according to season and time of day (elemental theory).
You will leave with several practices, including a 20-minute movement practice, a self-massage meridian routine, and an internal Qigong form.

What's included
A five-day workshop consisting of group-led activities by Sally Ibbotson
A five-night peaceful stay at Cluny Hill, situated in the historical town of Forres in north-east Scotland and perfectly placed for visiting the stunning Moray Coast
Three nutritious, balanced meals per day
Access to Cluny Hill’s beautiful gardens and local walking trails
Free bus rides between Cluny and the Findhorn Ecovillage
Free wifi and library access
Unlimited coffee, tea, and refreshments
Free onsite parking

Booking details HERE. and please CONTACT ME. for more information.

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